How Can Cookies Improve Blood-Sugar Metabolism?


Last week, we introduced an overview of the Anova Health Metabolic Weight-Management Program. The Anova program provides a wide range of critical pieces of the weight-management process, including water for reversing metabolic syndrome; healthy, organic meal replacements and snacks from Straight Medical Labs; and the state-of-the-art N-LAL for improved fat loss and body sculpting.

In addition to the advanced, proprietary endocrine support and restoration technologies found in AvinoCort and Medix4Life, we also bring you our exclusive BioThermol and BioThermal Boost to enhance the conversion of white fat to brown fat.

Today I wanted to focus on the all-important food segment of the weight-management equation. There is no getting around the food issue when it comes to weight management and metabolic-disease management, from hypoglycemia to “dia-besity” to cancers.

The successes of dietary and caloric-control programs show that they definitely work for people. However, without deeper metabolic support, many patients yo-yo and rebound back again, a la Oprah Winfrey and Kirstie Alley. In the long run, we must detox and repair the endocrine system to facilitate long-lasting weight loss.

We now know that people who eat small, frequent, low-glycemic-load meals and snacks will improve their health due to lowered sugar bursts and insulin-resistance dynamics. Coupled with proper cellular drainage and detoxification and the other facets of the Anova weight-management program, cellular metabolism begins to repair and function better, resulting in lasting weight loss.

Unfortunately, most patients are not equipped or motivated to make even minor improvements to their diets, let alone dramatic dietary changes. The biggest problem almost EVERYONE faces is the time needed to plan and prepare their menu a week in advance. This is why Anova Health has partnered with Straight Medical Labs as a major stocking distributor of their exciting meal-replacement technologies.

Straight Medical Labs offers the healthiest medical-grade, organic, gluten-free, erythritol- and maltitol-free, non-GMO, high-protein and high-fiber products in the business, and makes meal planning a cinch. The best part is that SML foods flat out taste great, and are very affordable at $10-11 per day—or lower, depending on the patient’s desire to plan and prepare some meals themselves. Designing and implementing a highly effective moderate calorie, low-glycemic-load program with the Straight Medical patient guide ensures higher patient compliance and results.

The medical foods from Straight Medical Labs all contain ThinAdventure Fibers, an advanced blend of clinically proven super fibers. For example, eight human clinical studies have shown that these fibers lowered total and LDL (bad cholesterol) while leaving HDL (good cholesterol) untouched. Studies have also shown that these fibers stabilize sugar levels, which help maintain cholesterol, glucose and insulin levels that are already within normal range.

The biggest thing I have seen with these medical foods is the ability to provide great-tasting snacks and desserts that will not blow a patient’s diet or incite insulin response while also satisfying our desire for sweets. I personally love to use them for a safe, balanced solution for my sweet tooth after meals and as low-glycemic snacks, especially when I am on the road traveling. SML food bars are a great replacement for many “healthy” snack bars using problematic sugars like erythritol or maltitol, or having too high a sugar load.

Aside from the great taste, high-quality ingredients and easy patient compliance, the best part of SML’s many product offerings is that there is no minimum purchase required. Straight Medical Labs is also not hampered by MLM structures and their pricing restraints, which result in high patient costs and low physician profit margins.

Anova Health’s warehousing and one-day shipping means you can easily and profitably add healthier medical foods that offer great taste and affordability for successful weight-management and maintenance programs.

Call us today for a free information packet and a FREE sample box of Straight Medical Labs food bars in an assortment of flavors.

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