On The Cutting Edge of Adult Stem Cell Activators for TODAY

The question of stem cells is currently a hot topic in biotechnology and human genetics.

While there has been much talk about the potential of embryonic stem cells, their use in actual practice is not only controversial but unproven for safety. They may never yield broad scope uses due to many yet unresolved issues.

Genetic instability is one big issue. Adult stem cells, however, are believed to have more relevance in the healing industry today than embryonic stem cells probably ever will.

In broad terms, a stem cell is one that, in the course of cell division, increases in numbers and also matures into various types of specialized cells.

Once an embryonic cell has differentiated and eventually become totally mature it is not supposed to have the ability to revert back to a stem cell or any other type of cell.

According to recent reports, however, this dogma of developmental biology does not hold true.
Research in Russia and the Ukraine including studies done at the Laboratory Virola in the Ukraine has shown that adult stem cells from bone marrow can differentiate into other types of cells. Adult stem cells apparently are proving to be pluripotent and have the potential to be “reprogrammed” into other types of cells. In other words an adult neuronal stem cell could become programmed by a cellular INNATE INTELLIGENCE to produce blood cells. A bone marrow adult stem cell can become a cartilage cell when placed near damaged cartilage cells that emit a signal for repair.

Adult stem cells are produced by the body and there are no rejection reactions because the cells are from the same body. Very promising treatments of serious diseases have already been completed with adult stem cells. Reports showing successful treatment in cases of Crohn’s disease, thalassemia, and skin diseases are beginning to appear.

Research and development of therapies with adult stem cells also have drawbacks to patients in terms of rarity, cost and invasiveness of using human sources of adult stem cells.

But what if there was something that could activate a significant percentage of mature cells to revert back to adult stem cells within your own body?

Another group of Russian scientists claim to have proven to do just that. They have supplied the technology over the past 20 years to yield a NEW product line from Medix4Life called adult stem cell activators.

These same scientists have established that in response to cellular damage, certain Regulatory Proteins are secreted by the cells of various body tissues, to activate Adult Stem Cells, the body’s natural healing resource. However, it is a very slow process, even under the best of circumstances. If the cellular trauma is severe enough, this very mechanism of cell regeneration gets so weakened that it doesn’t work fast enough or work at all in a worst case scenario.

After 30 years of research, Medix4Life’s scientists have created Regulatory Protein-based Nanoparticles.

These unique Nanoparticles help to re-establish and enhance communication signals between individual cells. They also activate the Adult Stem Cell conversion process to facilitate tissue repair and restore normal cellular function within targeted organs. Since regular exercise and proper nutrition are the key factors in restoring and maintaining health, Medix4Life products work best when integrated into a complete wellness program. Medix4Life products will enhance any treatment program for better and faster results. Anova Health is proud to offer you once again a NEW and Simply Effective Biological
Technology. For a complete Medix4Life information packet or to answer any questions you may have please call our office at 864-408-8320 and ask for Physician Support Services.

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