Tension Defense

There's no doubt that stress causes tension in the body. And if you suffer from chronic emotional stress, you likely feel tension in your body continuously. Dealing with tension and stress requires a whole-health approach – meditation and yoga can help, changing your diet can yield positive results, and adding a health supplement can provide your body with the help it needs to engage its innate responses. Our Innate Response Formula, Tension Defense, is designed to assist your body in dealing with tension and stress. It promotes healthy muscle function and activates your body's stress-response mechanisms. Tension Defense uses three key … [Read more...]

On The Cutting Edge of Adult Stem Cell Activators for TODAY

The question of stem cells is currently a hot topic in biotechnology and human genetics. While there has been much talk about the potential of embryonic stem cells, their use in actual practice is not only controversial but unproven for safety. They may never yield broad scope uses due to many yet unresolved issues. Genetic instability is one big issue. Adult stem cells, however, are believed to have more relevance in the healing industry today than embryonic stem cells probably ever will. In broad terms, a stem cell is one that, in the course of cell division, increases in numbers and also matures into various types of specialized … [Read more...]

Innate Detox – Natural Detoxification Support

The human body is more than capable of detoxifying itself. In fact, if not for the natural cleansing powers of the human body, most humans wouldn’t live very long. Innate Detox is built around the concept of innate response, or the body’s natural mechanism for ridding itself of harmful components. Here’s how it works: We combine the most supportive and potent botanicals with a therapeutic dosage of N-acetyl cysteine and a cruciferous food blend. This incredible combination brings about incredible detoxifying powers in the pathways of the liver, inspiring the body to cleanse itself more intensely and more thoroughly than normally … [Read more...]