Tension Defense

There’s no doubt that stress causes tension in the body. And if you suffer from chronic emotional stress, you likely feel tension in your body continuously. Dealing with tension and stress requires a whole-health approach – meditation and yoga can help, changing your diet can yield positive results, and adding a health supplement can provide your body with the help it needs to engage its innate responses.

Our Innate Response Formula, Tension Defense, is designed to assist your body in dealing with tension and stress. It promotes healthy muscle function and activates your body’s stress-response mechanisms. Tension Defense uses three key active ingredients: Malic acid, magnesium, and taurine. These ingredients are widely used across practices to help individuals deal with the negative side effects of high-stress lives.

Magnesium has been used for muscle relaxation for decades. Taurine has been utilized with this approach for stronger, faster results, and malic acid has a synergistic relationship to magnesium that results in healthy, flexible, and tension-free muscles. In other words, Tension Defense uses the chemicals your body produces naturally to enhance your muscle recovery and promote healthy functions. We also use passion flower and valerian to encourage better physical and emotional responses to stress.

It’s worth noting that our Tension Defense formula is completely free of magnesium stearate, is suitable for vegetarians, and includes no preservatives or artificial colorings. Our goal is creating effective, natural, and healthy supplements that rely on your body’s innate responses. Tension Defense enhances the processes that occur naturally in your body.

The hard truth is that no life is without stress, and dealing with stress requires a careful balancing of nutrition, fitness, and time-management. Our Tension Defense supplement merely enhances the positive gains your body makes every day and helps lessen the amount of tension you may experience.

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