Two Powerful Immune Modulators for Cold and Flu Season


Our protocols for helping patients overcome immune challenges begin with the state of the art Argentyn 23 oligodynamic silver hydrosol. Once we have helped to reduce the microbial load on the immune system with Argentyn 23, we can begin to strategically modulate the immune system to support function against pathogenic organisms.

There are two main products that we feel best modulate the immune system during deeper immune challenges. One is Betammune a very effective beta-glucan that continues to stand the test of purity, and delivers more than any other product we have seen based on cost. It has an 89% purity level based on third-party testing, and is the most cost-effective beta-glucan we have found.

Beta-glucans are one of the most studied and validated compounds we have available, and they’re the active ingredient that gives medicinal mushrooms their effective immune-modulating properties. However, we choose Betammune over mushrooms because the beta-glucans in mushroom extracts are much weaker and more expensive. In mushroom products, you will not get close to approaching the 89% level of 1,3 beta-glucans, and it’s primarily the beta-glucans that provide the effects desired in immune modulation.

Poly-branched Beta-1,3-(D)-Glucans are naturally occurring polysaccharides, with or without B-1,6-(D)-glucose side chains, that are integral cell wall constituents in a variety of bacteria, plants and fungi. The Beta-1,3-(D)-glucan with Beta- 1,6-glucan linkage extracted from yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae) cell walls has been shown to act as a potent, non-specific immune-activator.

More than 6,000 articles investigating the immune-modulating effects of beta-glucans, as well as its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial abilities, have been published. Health effects were found not only in humans, but also in invertebrates, rodents and fish, as well as farm animals, such as cows and pigs. Furthermore, numerous studies reported other health benefits of beta-glucans, including hepatoprotective properties, wound healing, weight loss, anti-diabetic and cholesterol-lowering functions.

For pure immune modulation activities delivering the most activity for the dollar, Betammune delivers more beta-glucans at 89% purity by a large margin over expensive mushroom products that have much lower beta-glucan content. While mushrooms have other beneficial properties not found in pure beta-glucan—such as the epithelial healing properties of Cordyceps—when it comes to maximum effectiveness for immune challenges, we prefer the purity of the beta-glucan value in Betammune.

Veramannan is another strong immune modulator, but it is more weighted in its actions toward the cell-mediated immune system.

The extra-long polysaccharide chains in Beta-1,4-acetylated glycomannan have been implicated in the function of different physiological effects, from histamine reduction to immune potentiation. Acetylated Glycomannan (Beta-1,4) affects both the innate and adaptive immune systems, although it demonstrates greater affect on the adaptive immune system.

Within the innate immune system, it affects the macrophage cells and the specific mechanisms under their control. Beta-1,4-acetylated glycomannan activates the macrophage white blood cells through a specific receptor mediated pathway. It stimulates macrophage activation by interacting with specialized receptors on the macrophage cell membrane, binding to four specific protein sites.

Within the adaptive immune system, the following cell-mediated immune functions are affected: The T and B Lymphocytes and the specific mechanisms under their control.  It specifically orchestrates the potentiation of several cell lines among which are the CD3 and CD4 positive T cells.  It also affects CD8 positive T cells with their cytotoxic properties. Therefore, it is evident that acetylated glycomannan serves to comprehensively potentiate the immune system.

Numerous scientific studies have been performed by researchers who have substantiated the actions and effects of Beta-1,4-acetylated glycomannan.  Many scientific and clinical communities are aware of Beta-1,4-acetylated glycomannan’s effectiveness, and various scientific studies have yielded evidence of Beta-1,4-acetylated glycomannan’s effectiveness with regard to anti-tumor growth, anti-cancer properties, modulation of the immune system, phagocytosis stimulation and stimulation of antibody formation.

Additionally, depressed phagocytic function of white blood cells may be increased in bronchial asthma patients, antiviral activity is exhibited, and cell function may be enhanced in some viral infections. Of significant importance to note is that the polysaccharides bypass the digestive system intact and are absorbed by endocytosis (taken up into the cells of the intestinal lining intact and extruded into the circulatory system).  It is here that the immune-supporting functions are fulfilled.

Who should take Betammune and Veramannan?

Veramannan or Betammune should be strongly considered in those individuals who are undergoing physical, mental or emotional stress, have impaired immune systems, viral infections, bacterial infections, fungal infections, and those with advanced age.  These supplements may also potentially be beneficial for promoting immune system regulation, reducing histamine response, reducing allergies, promoting alleviation of bronchitis, aiding in the management of asthma, sinusitis management, increasing anti-viral protection, increasing anti-bacterial protection, increasing anti-fungal protection, reducing the reproduction of abnormal cells, reducing acute and chronic infections, addressing those with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, and aiding in the management of the common cold and flu.

For more information on Betammune and Veramannan please feel free to contact Dr. Charles at 864-214-2264.

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