Bust Through The Biofilm With BioCidin


Cold and flu season will be upon us soon as we congregate indoors for the winter months and pass all of our germs along. For improved immune function, we have touted the benefits of Argentyn 23, Bio Preventics Research immune modulators and Safecare Rx homeopathics for acute infection remediation and immune support.

These same products may work very well in many chronic issues as well, except when biofilms enter into the equation. Biofilms are present in up to 80% of microbial infections in the body, and as cases of candida, bacterial overgrowth and other GI and resistant systemic infections increase, we begin to see the effects of the growing problem of these biofilms in many of our patients. Harboring even low-level overgrowth that’s protected by biofilms can lead to longer and longer recurring acute infectious issues. Click here to learn more about biofilms.

In addition to modern commercial diets full and poor lifestyle choices, an ever-increasing backdrop of electronic smog is also stimulating this biofilm growth. We have been researching the issue of biofilms for a long time, and there are many products that address this issue in what we believe is a shotgun approach: Using multiple products that contain one effective ingredient each, instead of one product with broad-spectrum capabilities.

Anova Health is proud to announce that we are adding another clinically proven line to this list of top-notch technologies for microbial infections: BioBotanical Research, including the flagship products Biocidin, Olivirex, and G.I. Detox.

Bio-Botanical Research’s line of high-quality herbal products are one of the most effective and proven ways to address the problem of biofilms and help treat the effects of systemic overgrowths of candida, Lyme disease, C. Difficile, viruses and resistant bacterial issues.

Biocidin is the core product in a very effective protocol for microbial control, and has been clinically shown to penetrate the biofilms of multiple antibiotic-resistant microbes. All of its superior botanical ingredients have been scientifically tested for maximum efficacy.

Anova Health is offering a 10% discount on first-time purchases of this product line, and we also have test kits available for muscle testing with patients. Please call sales support at 1-888-309-5222 x. 109 for more information, or to request a test kit so you can bring this incredible technology to your patients.


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